Welcome to the Pacific Fleet Center to be located in Long Beach, California - Future Home of the USS Ranger (CV-61)


Pacific Fleet Center
2201 N. Lakewood Blvd.
Suite D629
Long Beach, CA  90815
(877) PAC-FLT1 or
(877) 722-3581

Pacific Fleet Center is not affiliated with the US Navy Pacific Fleet or any related military branch.  To go to the Pacific Fleet Command website, click here.

All pictures on the Pacific Fleet Center website are official US Navy photos.

  • About Us

  • The Pacific Fleet Center was formed under the not-for-profit corporation of the Iowa Class Preservation Association. Our volunteers come from various skill-sets from community, business and military backgrounds.


    Our parent corporation, the Iowa Class Preservation Association (ICPA) was established on September 22, 1994. The ICPA's mission was, and still is, to provide expert services for non-profit organizations seeking to acquire an Iowa Class Battleship (ex-USS Iowa BB-61, ex-USS New Jersey BB-62, ex-USS Missouri BB-63, ex-USS Wisconsin BB-64) for historic preservation and educational purposes. The ICPA has conducted expert services including inactive ship-checks, mechanical, electrical, structural engineering, environmental, organizational, comprehensive maintenance, curatorial and financial plan assistance to meet or exceed the criteria of the Federal donation process in the establishment of these Battleships becoming museum and educational hubs around the country they defended.


  • Expanding on the expertise and reputation of the ICPA, the Pacific Fleet Center (PFC) was founded on December 7, 2007. The primary purpose of the PFC is to collect, catalog, preserve, showcase, and educate the public about the national history of the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy. The PFC will also showcase and educate the public about the history of the United States Marine Corps as it relates to their history and service aboard U.S. Navy vessels, and the United States Coast Guard as it relates to their history and service in the Pacific Ocean region.


  • The anticipated home for the Pacific Fleet Center is Long Beach, California. San Pedro Bay off the coast of Long Beach was the home of the Pacific Fleet in the first half of the 20th Century. The deep waters of the harbor and ready supply of oil fed the fleet until the headquarters moved to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Long Beach continued to be homeport for many ships of the Pacific Fleet until 1993. The Long Beach Naval Shipyard was established during World War II and provided continuous service to the Pacific Fleet until the late 1990s. Today this diverse, modern American city provides a balance between recreation & convention tourism, commercial industry and residential community in the mild climate of Southern California.


  • The goal of the Pacific Fleet Center is to secure the historic Super-Carrier and "Top Gun" of the Pacific Fleet, USS Ranger (CV-61) to house the purpose of our organization. Going beyond the traditional "museum" aspects and implementing a unique entertainment location, educational venue for youth programs designed to build character, and exemplify the highest standards of honesty, integrity, ethics, discipline, United States founding principles and respect for others. The PFC can also implement community readiness programs in time of need.